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Become one of our international partners ...

... and start selling websites in your country!

Hello Websites is your one-stop-website-shop. We sell websites and other internet tools to starting entrepreneurs and small organisations on a subscription basis. We also sell design and text services to our existing customers.

Because Hello Website relies heavily on quick and friendly customer support, we decided to expand internationally with a franchise model. Hello Website HQ stays in The Netherlands to help our customers here, and you can sell our software to your local customers and help them when needed. This way, we can keep the customer support quality up to our standards.

Basically, this comes down to:

  • you sell a website to your customer in your country
  • you use our system to get your customer's website online
  • your customer does the rest, since it's a do-it-yourself website application
  • you provide customer support for your customers when needed
  • you get 69% from the customer's website subscription, and we get 31%
  • you can also offer your own design and text services to your customers
  • you get 100% from the design and text services you sell

Do you want to know more about making money with Hello Website? We are currently looking for franchisees in Belgium, Germany, Denmark and the UK. Get in contact with us to talk about the opportunities and requirements.

Hello Website